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"I must say it is a joy to deal with you and your folks. Stacy and I do not have a strong nautical background, and you and your team always go out of your way to make our experience very enjoyable. From having all the equipment ready, to giving friendly advice on the proper way to drive the boat and dock (especially dock), we could not ask for a better group of people. We are looking forward to many more happy days on the water."

Jerry and Stacy
Columbia, SC

Nautical Boat Club®, Launches Employee Purchase Program

November 14, 2017

Nautical Boat Club®, Launches Employee Purchase Program


AUSTIN, Texas – Lake Murray Boat Club’s franchisor, Nautical Boat Club®, proudly announces the premier of Club Hire-To-Owner [H2O], an accelerated path to franchise ownership for Nautical Boat Club® employees. Club H2O is designed to encourage and enable high-quality, hardworking Boat Club hires to become owners of their own franchise locations in a solid company and a unique industry.

“Business ownership is part of the American Dream,” attests Tom Gardiner, a longtime Nautical Boat Club® franchisee who took ownership of the company in 2012. “We’re excited to offer Club H2O to our exceptional employees who want to turn that dream into a reality – and have a ton of fun doing it.”

The Club H2O program provides full-time Nautical Boat Club® employees with a structured path to successful ownership of their own franchise. Eligible candidates with a minimum of three years of management experience at an existing Boat Club may be considered for the General Manager position at a new location they intend to purchase; qualified GM candidates may be offered the option to purchase that franchise location following three years there. This six-year system is minimal compared with typical franchisees, who come into the company with over a decade of managerial or executive-level business experience.

Once employees are ready to purchase their franchise, Club H2O also gives employee-purchasers a discount on their franchise fee based on their tenure with the company – a 10% discount for each year they’re with Nautical Boat Club® after year one, up to a full 50% discount. The extensive, hands-on training employee-purchasers have received not only prepares them to run their own business, but also helps them build a business plan and secure competitive financing.

“At Nautical Boat Club®, we want to help our people fulfill their potential and elevate those who have established themselves in this business,” Gardiner affirms. “Our excellent training and success-proven system makes franchise ownership both attractive and achievable, while Club H2O ensures a win all the way around for new employee-purchasers, current franchise owners and the company overall. The program rewards employees who stay with the company and work toward a bigger goal, while current franchisees benefit from employees who are more motivated, productive and stable.”

Of course, standard pay policies and franchise agreement provisions apply, and ownership eligibility is based upon individual job performance and negotiation of a suitable location/market.

“Nautical Boat Club® has always sought employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for superior customer service, and a desire to belong to a uniquely fun business,” notes Gardiner. “Now, through Club H2O, we can offer them higher levels of advancement, achievement, satisfaction and success than ever before. It’s just a great deal for everyone involved – including our members, who will get more Nautical Boat Club® locations, run by people who are truly invested in their happiness.”

For more information about Club Hire-To-Owner [H2O], please visit www.nauticalboatclub.com/boat-club-careers/ .
For more information about Nautical Boat Club®, please visit www.NauticalBoatClub.com.

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