Club Membership vs. Boat Ownership

Joining the Boat Club costs much less than buying a new boat. Regardless of which Membership level you choose, Boat Club Members save Money and Time…just ask Einstein!


Boating Made Easy Boating Made Easy


  • New Members pay a ONE-TIME Membership Fee ranging from $2995 to $3650 based on membership level.
  • Annual Memberships are billed Monthly at $299 to $415 per month based on membership level.
  • No hidden fees. The only other cost is replacing the fuel that is used during your outing.
  • NO lost time on towing, launching, cleaning, covering or maintenance.
  • Club Members typically are on the water less than 15 minutes after arriving at the club! After their outing, we get them on the way even quicker! You spend more time doing what you want to do in the first place...boating.


Did You Know...

Boat owners in the United States use their boats an average of 15 times annually (NMMA). Therefore, based on a monthly expense of $800, it will cost the average boat owner somewhere between $500-$800 per use.

Boat Owners who want to properly maintain their boat in a clean and safe operating condition will spend 1 to 2 hours per outing on covering/uncovering, cleaning, and maintenance. Additionally, a boat should be serviced every season by a qualified service technician.

Boat owners who have to trailer their boat will spend an additional 1 to 2 hours per outing preparing the boat, launching, loading, and stowing the boat.

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