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"Been there and done that with boat ownership... 2 times. This is by far a better option, a no brainer."

Brian, N345 - Columbia, SC

"Easy boating, the nicest people. I have owned a boat all my life. I sold my old flat bottom fishing boat to buy a more deep V boat with my wife in mind. We looked at $40,000 - $60,000 new boats, $20,000 trucks to pull them and $3,000/yr to store it. (Not to mention maintenance.) Then we thought about the time it takes. We have to get the boat ready, hook it to a truck, drive it to the “special gas” stations, then drive to water. Somehow back a 20+ foot boat into the water at a CRAZY public boat launch. Then, tie off the boat and find a place to park. When you finished boating, do all of that over again! (If you hurry and sweat, at least 2 hours wasted.) Oh, I forgot to mention while your hot and exhausted, cleaning the boat when your done. Don’t forget cleaning the trailer!
At the boat club: Take your pick of the style boat you want. Fish, cruise, ski, party boat? All boats are in the water. Larry is smiling to greeting you on the dock. He helps you load your personal items on the boat. All life jackets, are on board. (All boats have GPS/depth finders. All boats are less than 2 years old.) When your ready he pushes you off the dock. When you come back, he catches the boat and ties you up to the fuel dock. Step into the A/C and cool off, while Larry fills the tank. Pay for gas and your done! Leave the boat behind. That’s it!!! Go home and take a shower. Thank you Larry for easy living in the Low Country. If you own a boat, you see the advantages."

Bryan, N214 - Mount Pleasant, SC

Best thing we’ve done since our move to SC is joining LMBC! Boats are great and staff always there to help.

Jane, N649 - Elgin, SC

Our experience with the boat club has been great so far. We’re really enjoying the club and appreciate all you and your staff do to make our experience a 5-Star one - especially Shane, he’s awesome and really helpful.

Rob and Sumer, N695 - Lexington, SC

We are new members to the boat club and what an awesome experience we have had thus far! The safety course was phenomenal and taught us so much about safety and the lake. We have tried all different boats and have loved each one for different reasons. The entire staff is super easy to work with and always a pleasure to speak to. We highly recommend the club to anyone debating buying a boat or who want a stress free way to enjoy beautiful Lake Murray.

Scott and Lisa, N693 - Lexington, SC

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